"Virginias first legally recognized slave was enslaved by a black man to protect him from slavery"

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Return I Am Virginia

Scene: 51 - EXT. MEADOW - DAY

The modest fighting force has grown in numbers. As theyenter a clearing, Pamunkey warriors rush them from thetrees.

John Casor dismounts and charges. Four servants, two whiteand two black, fall in behind him.

Anthony and his two sons fight from atop their horses withmuskets and swords. A servant reloads for them.

John Casor quickly adopts a battle tactic. His steelremains strapped to his side. When he confronts a warrior,he first controls the weapon, then knocks him out. JohnCasor throws a haymaker punch.

When a warrior hits the ground, the squad either cuts histhroat, or splits his skull. They are like scavengers,feeding off of the lead tank. Control weapon – haymaker –scavengers. Control weapon – haymaker – scavengers. It’s avideo game.

An arrow finds John Casor’s back. He ignores the arrow andfights on.

The meadow is ultimately won, with minimal losses. The menare soaked in blood, including blood from their own wounds.

They catch their breath.

He remounts his horse.

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Scene: 51 - EXT. MEADOW - DAY