"Virginias first legally recognized slave was enslaved by a black man to protect him from slavery"

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Scene: 1 - EXT. BEACH - DAY

SLIDE: "The following is based on the true story of Anthony Johnson and John Casor."

SOUNDTRACK: Throughout the movie, intermittently, the sound of a solo lute, and/or lute/wind duet, played in the renaissance style, provides mood, as per direction.


SUPER: 1641

Eighteen-year-old VIRGINIA JOHNSON gallops along her beach, atop her horse, equipped with a standard man’s saddle. She hugs the animal tightly as she rides.

She is wearing white, elegant seventeenth-century undergarments, which contrast against her brown African skin. Her long brown ringlets dance freely behind her head.

Virginia brings her horse to a halt and turns to see her sister Elizabeth, down the beach, waving her arms. She kicks the horse and gallops back toward her sister.

The two Johnson sisters both possess striking beauty. Elizabeth’s conservative renaissance hairstyle contrasts with Virginia’s flowing locks.

Virginia is a complex personality, moving in and out of various personae fluidly. She is at once coquette, dominatrix, seducer, innocent virgin, confidante, defender of family, and defender of her beloved native Virginia.

She dismounts.

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Scene: 1 - EXT. BEACH - DAY