"Virginias first legally recognized slave was enslaved by a black man to protect him from slavery"

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Scene: 100 - EXT. BEACH - DAY

SUPER: 1670

Virginia's beachfront property is fully developed.Everywhere you look, in the dunes and behind the dunes,corn is growing. Within a series of wooden pens are fourhorses, ten cows, a dozen pigs, and a chicken coop.

The family's house is a substantial clapboard structure.Forty-five-year-old Virginia stands on her deck, watchingher twelve and fourteen-year-old sons off in the distance,sword-fight with sticks. Her hair is short and natural.

Her gaze shifts down the beach, where she sees John Casorriding toward her. She walks out to greet him.

He dismounts.

They find a soft spot in the sand to sit.

Suddenly, John Casor is attacked by his two sons, whowrestle him out onto the packed sand. The three of them goat it, with the two boys trying to maintain control overtheir father. But he ultimately takes control over them.

His boys hang playfully off of his shoulders. From thehouse, Virginia hears Elizabeth call her name.

Virginia waves. They scurry to the house.They share a moment to process the news.

Virginia smiles at John Casor and they share a casualembrace.

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Scene: 100 - EXT. BEACH - DAY