"Virginias first legally recognized slave was enslaved by a black man to protect him from slavery"

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Return I Am Virginia

Scene: 10 - EXT. OPEN MEADOW - DAY

A crowd of settlers has gathered for the Landing Dayopening ceremony. A SPEAKER, standing on a short dais, iswelcoming the crowd. Virginia is seated near the front on abench, surrounded by Elizabeth and friends.

JOSEPH, a nineteen-year-old boy rises and joins the speakeron the dais. They shake hands.

As the speaker’s voice continues in the background, whilehe welcomes the fourth-born child, a little white girlnamed SARAH approaches Virginia and tugs on her sleeve.

Sarah is embarrassed and runs off.

Another young white girl, about eighteen years of age, hasalso joined the speaker and Joseph on stage.

The crowd applauds. The boys in the crowd cheerrespectfully. Virginia rises and joins the speaker on thedais. Sarah approaches with a bouquet and hands it toVirginia.

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Scene: 10 - EXT. OPEN MEADOW - DAY