"Virginias first legally recognized slave was enslaved by a black man to protect him from slavery"

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Return I Am Virginia

Scene: 38 - EXT. FOREST - DAY

The girls are waiting at the forest's edge, with lightshawls draped around their shoulders. John Casorapproaches.

The girls do their best to keep up with him as he marchesthrough the forest.

John Casor is in a small clearing, sizing up a tall,straight tree. A fallen tree trunk lies on the ground.

The girls find him in the clearing. Virginia inspects hischosen climbing tree.

The other girls have already taken seats on the fallentrunk. Virginia joins them. John Casor stands, facing thegirls a few feet away. Six breasts are in full view.

The girls blush.

Virginia rises and stands next to John Casor. She beginsstroking his muscles with her fingertips, outlining thecuts in his muscle.

She moves her free hand behind him, out of the view of herfriends, and begins scratching his butt and lower back withher fingernails.

John Casor’s body begins to react to the stimuli.

Virginia joins them on the log. Agog, they enjoy the view.

John Casor goes to his tree and begins climbing.

Amy rises, moves to the tree, and looks upward. She faints.The other girls ignore her.

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Scene: 38 - EXT. FOREST - DAY